PCi400 [High function model]

PCi400 [High function date printing inspection system]

PCi400 [High function date printing inspection system]

This machine is a date printing inspection machine developed by printer manufacturer that developed ease of use at the packaging site as a top priority.

It is a high function model equipped with color camera / simulation function / all image save function etc.

Inspection for various printing and high operability at the production site are realized.

Features of PCi400

Thermal transfer overprinter interlocking function

Equipped with EDM thermal transfer overprinter(TTO) interlocking function. The settings of the printer and inspection machine are completed at once.

PCi400[Thermal printer interlocking function]

Easy to incorporate into packaging machines

It is an all-in-one model specialized for packaging machine incorporation and packaging necessary components.

PCi400[Easy to incorporate into packaging machines]

Easy to set up and operate

The basic setting is only 6 steps. Each configuration screen was also made easy to understand. Everyone can easily set it up.

PCi400[Easy to set up and operate]

Main function of PCi400

Color camera / Color lighting

Even in the case where there is a pattern on the background of printing or even in multicolor, characters suitable for inspection can be cut out.



Printing example case1

Printing example


case1:Black/white camera

Black/white camera
(white lighting)


case1:Color camera

PCi400:Color camera
(blue lighting)



Printing example case2

Printing example


case2:Black/white camera

Black/white camera
(white lighting)


case2:Color camera

PCi400:Color camera
(white lighting)

Simulation inspection

Various setting changes and simulation inspection can be executed without stopping the production line.

Save all images

The all images saving function via USB connection is, as standard equipment. Easily to storage all inspection images are possible.


Model PCi400
Type High function date printing inspection system
Inspection system Character verification
(verification test against registered characters)
Camera Camera color CCD camera (330,000 pixels)
The maximum number of connected units 1 unit
Number of pixels 512 x 480 pixels
Image Processing Gray processing / Binarization
Power supply AC100-230 V, 80 VA, 50/60 Hz
Body dimensions (mm) 183(W) x 118.5(H) x 205.5(D)
※Not included protrusions
Equipment configuration Body / Monitor / Camera / Strobe
Operating environment Temperature : 5℃-40℃
Humidity : Under 90%RH (no dew condensation)

※The specification may differ from conditions of use. Specification and other information are subject to change without notice.


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